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Welcome to Recovery Physical Therapeutic Center! We are proud to introduce you to our facility. Recovery Physical Therapeutic Center is an out patient facility committed to providing high quality care to individuals with injury or disease of the musculoskeletal and /or neurological systems. Programs are designed to ensure the best possible outcomes with goals of obtaining the maximal function available to each individual. We evaluate & design personalized treatment plans integrating posture & "movement" re-education, skilled manual therapy intervention, modalities, appropriate exercise and education on the management of your condition. In addition to your personal home program, post rehabilitation classes including Pilates, Tai Chi, Gyrokinesis®, Fitness and Personal Training as well as Massage Therapy are available to assist individuals to maintain & improve their functional levels.

As rehabilitation specialists, it is our mission to provide services that guide you toward goals of Relief of Pain, Retraining of Alignment & Movement and Restoration of Function. We treat and educate providing tools that can help you maintain your improved condition. Experience an environment that leaves you with a sense of feeling cared for as a real and unique human being.

Empowering You to Better Health and Function

Recovery Physical Therapeutic Center Receives FOTO® Outcomes Excellence Certificate

Atascadero, CA - Recovery Physical Therapeutic Center has been awarded an Outcomes Excellence Certificate from Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO®), a nationwide outcomes database and reporting service for healthcare providers. These certificates are presented to a select group of providers across the country to recognize the excellence achieved in effectiveness of treatment during the past twelve months. Recovery Physical Therapeutic Center has demonstrated a greater increase in function for their patients than the national aggregate average.


To Our Patients
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Recovery Physical Therapeutic Center is physical therapist owned and Medicare certified. We are committed to promoting health and wellness to the community of Atascadero and the San Luis Obispo's North County. Contact us at (805) 466-8711.

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